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Who we are

Food lovers and Catering experts passionate about quality and delivering a first class service.

Promoting food culture

We promote  worldwide food culture, with a special love for Mediterranean food and the Italian tradition. After all "Life is a combination of magic and pasta" - Federico Fellini

How we do that

We use just the best ingredients and prepare original recipes that mix tradition with innovation.

What we offer

Private Events

Our prime catering brand offers a supreme customer service, signature dishes and bespoke menus made for you in our Executive Chef lab. We can organise anything for you, even decorations! From a casual Happy Hour, to your Office Christmas Party, a cool Birthday Celebration, and even your Special Day...

Pop Up

Our Pop Up brand offers customers the best worldwide dishes made easy to eat anytime, everywhere. Pasta, Cous-cous, Risotto, Paella, Soups from around the world, name it - we make it! Our Risotto and Pasta in a Parmesan cheese wheel is already making history!

Pasta Masterclass

Pasta Masterclass

We provide engaging and creative Pasta Masterclasses for food lovers. Great for team building, for spending an evening with a group of friends or with your family and for any other type of event. A way to have fun, while learning the ancient art of pasta making!

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